Portfolio Reflection

portfolio 1

My revision process consisted mostly of me adding some character to my  post, I realized this was necessary for my blog to  get any attention outside that of the course. I chose to add relevant pictures and change the background colors, the header etc. Basically I sought to make it look like a blog I would want to read, not to toot my own horn but my writing is as engaging as I am capable of  so far so the major issue really was presentation. My blog is a fashion blog, I know so typical considering the mass of others out there, but I needed to focus on an interest that would keep my attention so there you go. Although ,I do have a couple of post about non related subjects do to my indecisiveness in the earlier stages of this process, I plan to move those to  a different page in an attempt to keep fluidity  not confuse any audience I may attract.

My documentary project will be included in this portfolio as well, between that and the mixtape project I felt it represented my overall progress in the course ( hopefully it did). Also I chose an analysis of a poem I wrote  for another english course I took this semester, the poem is  one of Poet’s  Gwendolyn Brooks who I truly admire for her unconventional approach  towards poetry and literature. As far as the progress I made this semester, I felt this course was really beneficial for my overall comfort with academic writing and creative writing, I am more comfortable being blunt and opinionated about different subjects now and I feel I have found my voice , which is important because I want to distinguish myself  from other writers and what not.


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