About Me…

So this assignment is to tell you about myself, who I am, where I am from, what I have done thus far in my brief life! Honestly it seems like a task that would be better articulated through the perspective of someone else. I cannot at this point count how many times I have outlined this particular writing, usually goes something like “Hi my name is Jessica…and I am from a small town in…I am a sophomore or junior and yada, yada, yada and I hope to make a great impact in the field of  whatever! As I think about the countless times I have documented this particular subject I start to become really frustrated and bored, because honestly to tell you about myself is truly a challenge at this point in  my life.  I hope to accomplish through this blog page and all the other online social outlets I have to explore a rediscovering of something. Anyway, I will give you the basics since this assignment insist upon it, well for one I am a female student; have been at SJU for a few years now attending on and off just determined to complete my degree at this point. Originally I am from a really small town in South Carolina and I grew up there for all of my childhood and a brief period of my adolescent years. Fortunately, I moved to Philadelphia to attend high school and I have been a city crooner ever since. My interests really span across a lot of different areas, I do consider myself a writer though I am I need of some guidance and fine tuning if you will. My passion for writing came when I started to write poems and short stories in high school. Some of my other interests and passions include music, fine art, fashion, theater, science, and culinary arts. Through my word press blog I hope to engage with other writers and learn from them. I would also like to connect with new people who share similar interest and maybe explore some new interests along the way.


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