Fall 2012 Fashion Picks

fashionistaSo as you know I am currently engaging in a recovery program (if you will) for my shopping addiction lol.

Howeve,r I am still able and very much willing to provide counsel for all you fashionistas and shopaholics out there so let us commence.

Ok, so I know everyone seeks to stay on trend and follow the current laws and protocols and what ( when did fashion get to be so technical) that’s great and everything but when keeping with my recovery I have reflected on my own fashion choices and endeavors and have decided (drumrolls…just go along lol) to recycle looks from the past seasons. That’s right i said it i am going green for fashion relatively speaking and i encourage all of you fashion novices out there to do the same. Look were still in a recession, and i am pretty sure im not the only broke struggling student/shopaholic/ a whole slew of other things…yeah well anyway.

So go home and pull out those digs that are most likely collecting dust in the recesses of your wardrobe and re-event the look, hell start a new trend (not sure why everyone wants to be followers…ugh).

In my effort to practice what I preach and encourage all of you out there I will commit to posting a weekly “NON TREND” look starting after the holidays and after I’ve manage to tame some of the many assignments I have pending for my final school assignments…yada yada yada yeah I know my world at present is a mess but hang in there with me I am going somewhere with this…..


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