Guilty Pleasures!!! Lets us heal together

shopping addictFeatured: Shopping Addiction =( / =)

Oh shopping, how I love thee… and even on a cloudy gloomy day you rescue me from my pitiful existence and submerge me into inevitable euphoria, (sighs) of blissful consumption.

Oh yes the mantra of a true shopaholic which I will proudly (with some remorse) admit that I am. I love shopping people! if only my finances at the moment correlated with that love it would all be peachy, but  unfortunately it doesn’t so its not all peachy. I am broke shopaholic!!! broke as a joke and i have absolutely no business indulging in the retail therapy ( as many like to refer to it ) but despite my financial reality I cant help myself (i prob should be admitting this to a licensed therapist) . But hey they say admission is the first step in the recovery process so yeah, gotta start somewhere.

However before I continue on with shaming myself allow me to canvas my lovely vision please, I have a true unconditional

passion for all things fashion, there is nothing more exiting for me than that new chic bag, or a fierce pair of shoes, and please don’t get me started on clothes, as i have yet to remove the tags from much of my current wardrobe. ( eyes rolling,  I will get around to it though).

Arduous I tell you! it is really difficult for me to walk past the most perfect accessory i must have it now!!!!!!!!!!! I swear its like I have the little angel and devil Jessica on each shoulder going back and forth with me, and devil Jessica is usually successful in her persuasion tactics.

So I love shopping, everyone has to have a hobby your’s maybe be yoga, well mine is shopping, and through this blog I am choosing to share and explore my love of shopping, as well as improve on my compulsive buying habits. I will admit we should all shop within our means and that is something I haven’t been doing lately, so for all of you out there who have been struggling with this problem we together will discover healthy and alternative ways to implement shopping into our lives. So leave those credit cards at home today… first challenge to you… Window shop ( and I mean it) explore the new digs out there but don’t indulge, keep note of those things you would like to add to your wardrobe and we will take it from there.

Until Next time….


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