Fantasy por Reality?

fantasy 1

Fantasy Por Reality


They say the grass is not always greener on the other side, well I say looking from my side it always looks vibrantly green.

Escape with me for a moment if your attention will allow…. Alternatively speaking, from where I’m looking life is actually pretty sweet. I mean I have it better than most you know! I live this great life; you know the type which soars as the model for infamous American dream.

I hail from a successful and highly educated family, and might I add that we are all exceptionally good-looking.  Let’s see you have my very accomplished parents both successful physicians, and a wonderful older brother and sister both of whom are completing their professional degrees in their respective professional fields. We were very fortunate to have grown up in a lavish and beautiful childhood home in one of those lovely suburban areas of country.  My best and closest friends, whom I share the most exciting moments of my life, and whom I could not live without, are all doing quite well. We all possess these social lives, that are quite frankly suited for a reality television show, and we are fitted with fabulous wardrobes to boot!

I myself am currently working towards my master’s degree in neurology at one of the most prestigious post secondary institutions in THE WORLD. Next week me and my beau, (because on top of those other amazing details I would have to have a great love life as well) are celebrating our one year anniversary with a trip to Barcelona, we’re both compatible travel buddies and soul mates. We’re, how do they say, very simpatico! What can I say; I’m just a humble being who lives the life of your modern American girl next door, (gleeful sighs).

Hmmmmmmm, well that was nice! Getting back to reality though, I just wanted to provide you with a glance into the life I often fantasize about.  Sadly even this sort of escape is wearing old, random thought, I am so tired of looking at these empty plastic bottles I have been hoarding for months….Note (if not painfully obvious) this writing skims the surface of an issue that has plagued my existence for a while, and that is the issue of the constant delusions I create internally to escape the misery that is my reality.

More specifically for me these disorders according to a variety of diagnosis I’ve been provided with over the years. Let’s see there is the major depression and this other disorder called generalized anxiety disorder (whatever that really means). Of course I realize that whenever anyone throws around words like this, most of us  close our ears and thoughts, it’s still so taboo and dehumanizing to be a bit “off “ I suppose.

I encourage anyone to type in such terms into an internet search engine, and be prepared to discover the many threads and forums dedicated to these topics. However discomforting this may be initially, force it upon yourself to truly sink in and witness the tellings of those whose lives these words are very much relevant in.

There are a lot of us who will admit behind the anonymity of various sophisticated fire walls that yes! We totally create “Alternative Lives “as an escape from our chronic ailments. We comfort ourselves through forced perceptions and thoughts used to bandage the disappointing reality we live exist in. Some of us sadly do it to the point where our fantasies truly do become our realities. Could this be a healthy escape, or a dangerous method often fostered by delirium and isolation??? Disclaimer: That question is rhetorical!





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