My Social Media Experience

social mediaMy participation with online social media is very limited, I serve more so as an audience rather than a contributor. I do have the myspace, facebook, twitter,google and other social media accounts, however they lie pretty much dormant at the moment. I haven’t been on facebook since 2008 (had a really nasty experience) its complicated! Does myspace still exist? if it does I really couldn’t tell you if my account is still active. Like I said I only use twitter to follow celebrities or other really popular people, I never really post anything because I don’t have many followers. As far as how much time I actually spend online, well I would have to admit that I am always online. Despite the fact that I do not actively blog, tweet, like, and whatever else it is you can do these days; most of my other everyday activities involve me engaging in the online world in some aspect. For instance I read most of my favorite magazines, and newspapers online. I communicate through email more nowadays than I do by phone, I pay all of my bills online, shop online way more that going into actual stores, and I could not survive in this crazy, confusing city without google directions. The internet is slowly but surely making the traditional brick and mortar establishments nostalgic, therefore I am obliged to choose it for the convenience it offers to me.

Out of everything I do online I would say I use my email account the most, and a lot of the other time is either wasted browsing through my favorite online stores, following my favorite blogs and vlogs, and academic research. Though I enjoy reading a variety of blogs and stalking my favorite celebrities on twitter, I have yet to discover my voice and initial outlet in the social world of the internet. I do enjoy expressing myself through writing and would hope to find the inspiration to do so using one of my many social media accounts.


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